Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goodbye (not) Osama

Good riddance.

What an electric story, the most incredible Sunday night in recent memory. Not only was the news incredible, but the sensational story of the 'how' was equally wild.

Although I have to take the media reports of the video game style raid with a grain of salt, I'm quite confident that we got our man. I'm not sorry int he elast and sense this is a massive turning point for American culture. Everything changed that fateful day almost 10 years ago. But now there's a sense of closure.

I wouldn't say victory is going to arrive sooner, but you do get the sense that this blow could be severe to terrorism.

Will it stop? No.

If Pizza Hut can run a franchise so can a terrorist group. And their functionality will continue long after the death of their leader, who in recent times has become more symbolic than active.

What comes next will be interesting. Americans ahve a renewed sense of optimism about their country, and about the prospects of the war on terror. The enemy probably will gear up for some type of response, retaliating in equally brutal fashion as we demonstrated on their #1.

Let's turn the corner. Our Nation is great, and we can use this watershed moment to drive us out of the funk we're stuck in.

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